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Route Fifty: On Streets With Pavement Art, Study Finds Drop in Crashes reports on encouraging results from a study by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The "Asphalt Art Safety Study" found that "crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists fell by 50% and total crashes by 17% on streets with artistic design features."

In addition to the crash reductions, the analysis found there was a:
- 37% decrease in the rate of crashes leading to injuries.
- 27% increase in the frequency of drivers immediately yielding to pedestrians with the right of way.
- 25% decrease in pedestrian crossings involving a conflict with drivers.
- 38% decrease in pedestrians crossing against the walk signal.

Further reading:

Learn more about the Asphalt Art Initiative and see examples of their projects around the globe.

A related movement, Paint the Pavement (PtP) is a program that promotes community building and “placemaking” through creating neighborhood art. There are PtP programs in Colorado, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

Portland has a vibrant street art community and its own process to apply for a street painting permit. Learn about the process here.

The City Repair Project is an organization dedicated to "placemaking" in Portland, Oregon. They offer support and guidance on a variety of projects, including intersection paintings/ street murals.

Charley Gee is a Portland personal injury attorney. He is passionate about bike and pedestrian safety and represents clients across Oregon who have been injured in car crashes by negligent drivers.


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