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KTVZ: Traffic safety crisis marked by spike in hit-and-run deaths reports on America's growing "traffic safety crisis." From the article:

"Hit-and-run deaths have grown steadily in the last 15 years as a share of traffic deaths. Victims of hit-and-runs are also increasingly pedestrians and cyclists. In 2020, 69.6% of hit-and-run deaths were either pedestrians or cyclists, compared with 61.1% in 2006. Roughly one in four pedestrian deaths in 2020 was a hit-and-run."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released new data on 2020 trends in Motor Vehicle Collisions earlier in March.

Charley Gee represents pedestrians and cyclists who have been injured in car accidents. He is an experienced and highly rated personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon. He represents clients across Oregon.


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