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Dedicated to making the roads safer
for Oregon pedestrians.

In 2018 I wrote a free book to explain, in plain language, Oregon’s pedestrian laws.  This book includes a quick reference guide to the laws, the actual language of the laws, frequently asked questions about how insurance works, and information on what to do if you are involved in a collision.


Oregon pedestrian attorney and advocate

Being a pedestrian is an integral part of every Oregonian’s life.  I have built my reputation representing injured pedestrians in Oregon and Washington, advocating for safer streets and sidewalks, and educating the area’s walkers, runners, and wheelchair users about their rights.  Protecting the vulnerable users of Oregon’s roads from harm, or advocating for them when the worst happens, is the reason I went to law school and is the reason I wake up every day ready to fight. 

I am an active pedestrian.  During most days I can be found walking for pleasure, transportation, or exercise. Some days I can even be found jogging.  


My life is knowing and living Oregon’s bicycle and pedestrian laws.  I love educating others about the rights Oregon pedestrians have under the law.  If you have any questions about what the law says (or doesn’t say) please feel free to contact me at or (503) 278-5389.

Why should I

Any personal injury attorney can handle a motor vehicle operator versus pedestrian collision case where an injury is involved.  However, most personal injury lawyers will handle a pedestrian case just like a car crash case without understanding the nuances that make an injury case involving a pedestrian special.


If you have been injured as a pedestrian you need a lawyer that has experience handling your type of case.


Scene Investigation:  Oftentimes a motorist will insist a pedestrian was “jaywalking” or crossing against a signal when they were hit.  Sometimes the police officer investigating the crash will agree with them because the pedestrian was thrown from the crosswalk by the impact.  Hiring a lawyer with biomechanical knowledge and investigation skills is crucial in the early days of a claim.  


Benefits:  Oregon insurance law provides unique benefits for pedestrians injured by a motor vehicle operator.  If you’ve been injured in a crash you need to hire an attorney experienced in examining and pursuing all of the insurance benefits you have available.


Advocacy:  Every crash on the roads is the result of a failed system.  Distracted drivers, ancient or missing infrastructure, and a car-first transportation system cause countless injuries a year.  I have been involved in pedestrian and bicyclist advocacy for years, working to make Oregon safer for all roadway users.

Ins. FAQ


(503) 278-5389

Office Address:

725 SW 1st Ave., Ste. 201

Portland, OR 97204


Mailing Address:

101 SW Madison St., PO Box 1567

Portland, OR 97207

If you've been injured or have a question about your legal rights and responsibilities as a pedestrian, contact Charley Gee today:

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