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Can I go play in the street? Is it lawful to walk or run in the street in Oregon?

Runners often like to run in the street to avoid the driveways and hazards found on sidewalks. Other pedestrians also use the streets to walk and play in. But is this legal? Aren’t streets just for cars?

Unfortunately in most circumstances it is illegal for a pedestrian to be in the roadway. ORS 814.070 Improper position upon or proceeding along highway makes it illegal when a pedestrian “takes a position upon or proceeds along and upon the roadway where there is an adjacent useable sidewalk or shoulder.”

There are some exceptions in the law, but they require posting signage, obtaining a permit, or wearing high-visibility safety apparel.

If a street does not have sidewalks a pedestrian must walk on the right side in the shoulder. ORS 814.070(1)(d).

If a street does not sidewalks or a shoulder a pedestrian must walk on the left side (if the street is a two way street) as near as practicable to the outside edge of the roadway. ORS 814.070(1)(e).

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